Bae is centred around providing a thoughtful, personalised approach to women’s healthcare.

We Are Bae; Your Women’s Health Specialist Clinic

Before Anyone Else

At Bae; B (Before), A (Anyone), E (Else)our mission is to offer outstanding care across all women’s health needs. Prioritising physical and emotional outcomes to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible.

Our exceptionally experienced team of qualified and caring practitioners are dedicated to supporting you throughout your lifelong health journey.

Our Services

From gynaecological check ups to menstrual support, contraception methods to fertility options, pregnancy management, menopause and maintaining overall women’s wellbeing, Bae delivers nurturing support across all aspects of women’s health.

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Our Experts

Our team of devoted women’s health practitioners are considerate of your goals and respectful of your circumstances.

We provide extraordinary service that combines kindness with expertise; integrating the latest in medical science and innovation. Offering the highest attention of care across female wellbeing is what we do best.

Our Values

High Quality Holistic Women’s Health Care

Dr Bronwyn Hamilton, our Founder and lead Obstetrician has a vision for high quality holistic women’s health care with that personalised approach.  Every woman is different, everyone has a different idea of what their ideal birth is and everyone has a different health goal.


Our relationships are built upon openness and trust with our clients. We will endeavour to share as much information with you as possible to ensure you make informed decisions regarding your health.


Our team will attend to you with the utmost care and consideration of your needs. We are respectful of our clients social, cultural and familial circumstances, and will support you every step of the way.


We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality care. We are committed to offering the most advanced solutions and treatments to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

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Be Supported,
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